Snake Eyes
Snake Eyes
Snake Eyes
Snake Eyes
Snake Eyes

Probably the most customized Joe figure, as well as the figure who has the most variants.

How do you reinvent the wheel for a perfect figure?

Simple. Imagination.

Snake eyes is my favorite Joe of all time, so I’ve played around with different ideas for a while with this one.

Colors, gear, weapon and load outs, I wanted to figure out a way to allow him to carry all of his gear.

I saw another customizer use magnets so I gave it a shot and it is a game changer.

For this figure , I wanted to bring him modern but an older warfighter.

Gaiters around his boots
Duct tape duel mags
Updated weapons
Removable shurikens
Removable 5.56 mags
Removable and interchangeable accessories throughout, this way you can customize him however you like. Switch whatever you want.
I did a wired shemagh as well for a modern Japense ronin

Judge's Comments:
Robert - A very clean and well curated entry. So modern and appealing, I could see this as a tactical variant hitting the shelf. The customization and magnetic swapping of parts is brilliant and well applied. Great paint work and overall aesthetic. Not a classic SE as much as a more modern real world version ready for the big screen!

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