Snake Eyes
Snake Eyes
Snake Eyes

This contest inspired me to finally get back to finishing a bunch of WIPs I've had sitting for years. It was hard to pick just one to submit as my official entry, but this is the one I'm most proud of.

JvC was awesome because of the new figures and designs, but I'm sure we'd all agree that the proportions on them were so bad. So here's what I feel is an improvement on the original (even though that one was pretty good already): Snake Eyes - JvC (v13)

Head: 25th Firefly with JvC SE (v13) visor
Upper Torso: MU Spiderman
Lower Torso: MU Punisher
Upper Arms: Retaliation Cobra Trooper
Lower Arms: Combo of VvV SE (v23) and JvC SE (v13)
Hands: Retaliation SE
Upper and Lower Legs, Feet: JvC SE (v13)
Ankles: Revoltech

Both holsters were dremeled out and are fully functional along with a functional knife sheath on the back. The webgear and belt are a mix of various other webgear, cut up and glued in place.

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