Snake Eyes
Snake Eyes
Snake Eyes
Snake Eyes
Snake Eyes

Lakota war Chief Redrock took a warbride ,after the battles fought between tribes in the badlands. He now ruled many in the harsh and arid land that would soon become the Dakota territory. As chief he already had a wife, who had given him 2 sons. His new wife was not an indian princess, or of indian blood at all. Fair skin, dirty blond hair, and the bluest eyes he had ever seen. Taken by a warparty as a child, on a wagon train during the great western migration. White Flower had forgotten there was a life before her capture.

White Flower also bore Chief Redrock a son. His eyes were just as blue as his mothers. The Chief declared him,” Sky Eyes”. His elder wife looked at the child in disgust and spoke “He has her snakes eyes”. From then on Snake Eyes was the name she, her two sons, and eventually everyone in the tribe would call him. White Flower died mysteriously when the boy was young ,knowing just seven winters. He knew she was his mother, but did not share her home in the Chief’s quarters. He was raised by lesser women and enjoyed no status for being the son of the Chief.

When Redrock died Snake Eyes, now in his thirteenth winter ,was pushed out of his tribe. His eldest brother Stormcloud became chief and decided that Snake Eyes was not with them. His mother foretold that he was white and would kill them all, destroying their tribe from within.

Snake Eyes didn’t mourn his father, and he didn’t argue with Chief Stormcloud.

Snake Eyes roamed West. He had many cold and hungry nights. Alone in the wilderness,he learned quickly how to hunt, and how not to be hunted. He made tools out of bone and scavenged metal. He lived off the land ,but did steal from time to time. When hunger drove him or when he saw men with much, who take more and more. By following white “hunting parties” who killed for fur and fun, he ate very well just on what they left on the ground.

One night he snuck into a camp, the biggest he had ever seen. He was caught by a huge man ,also as big as he had ever seen. He was plucked from the ground as he tried to steal a pair of boots, from a drunken man. The huge black man said nothing, he just carried Snake Eyes to the largest tent. Inside was Boss, a very odd name for a chief. Boss said he was guilty, a thief, and he would go to hell. Right then he didn’t know what hell was, but wished he had just gone there to begin with.

Boss said he should hang him, but he wasn’t worth the trouble. He looked like a half starved dog, And wouldn’t eat too much. So Boss said he could join their tribe. For food and a bedroll,all he had to do was “honest work”. Snake Eyes didn’t speak a word and Boss took that as an ok.

In the railroad camp,Snake Eyes worked very hard, but enjoyed it. The large black man's name was Henton, but the rest of the workers called him TenTon. He talked to Snake Eyes a lot, and taught him everything about this tribe. There were white, black, and yellow men. Snake Eyes thought those were odd names. TenTon called him a red man, even though he kept telling him that he was Lakota.

One day on the line, TenTon yelled at one of the “yellow men” in a straw hat. Work stopped as the tribe gathered around the two men. The “white men” started calling out numbers and argued over whatever was happening. TenTon grabbed for the small man, but in a moment’s time, the small man was standing over the giant man. After that day, Snake Eyes spent many hours with the small man,Honzo. He was once a master, but now a slave. He said snake eyes was a ronin, whatever that was. He had the heart of a warrior ,and the soul of a wolf. He taught Snake Eyes patience and how to tap into his spiritual energy. He was like a father to Snake Eyes.

Honzo died in a terrible rockslide, during Snake Eyes' twenty first winter. He left the railroad tribe and headed back from where he came. He learned much from Honzo,Tenton, and Boss. He learned what hell was, what honor was, and also what vengeance was. He had been wronged and he was going to fight for his honor. He was bringing hell to Chief Stormcloud.

Over Many years, through many stories. The name Snake Eyes has passed from father to son.. all Great warriors who fought many battles for honor and country.

Starwars- head
Modern era joe parts
Zartan- torso, waste, and upper arms
Joe Colton- lower arms and hands
Cobra Commander- legs
Wild Bill- boots
Boss Fight hacks- bare feet w/added magnets

Custom painted:
2 Colt Model 1871 (open top) revolvers .44 henry rimfire- ME wild bill
winchester 1866 (golden boy)carbine .44 henry rimfire- playmobile

Custom made:
Bow w/7 arrows- bobby pin bow w/long steel pins and paper tape.
2 rough steel forged knives- scrap steel w/heatshrink.
Removable feathers- paper tape, steel pins.
Dark Glasses- brass wire w/UV glue
Hat - modified brick warrior and fabric.
Chest armor- dollar tree skeleton
Poncho w/2nd packable version- t shirt material.
Black sash - t shirt material.
Canteen- cut from ME web gear w/wire
Cowboy boots w/removable shafts- ME wild bill w/random lower legs.
Bear trap- metal picture hanging hardware and chain.
2 metal stands- steel roof samples painted like terrain.
Wolf dog “TALA”- modified ME timber.
Horse “ZONTA” - dollar tree horse w/full paint . custom made tack w/Custom Quiver and Medicine bag.
Chicken “Charlie one eye”- modified safari lmtd rooster
Custom made ground cover, scenery, rocks, and backgrounds.

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