File Name: Marcia Morgan

Stiletto is the youngest daughter of Payload, the original Joe team astronaut. Since her youngest days, Marcia had wanted to be an astronaut and follow in her father's footsteps. During her teen years she thrived on a steady diet of female science fiction role models such as Lt Nicole Shea, Capt Janeway, Honor Harrington, 1st LT Vanessa Damphousse* along with real life role models such as Sally Ride, Valentina Tereshkova, Pamela Melroy and many more. With her dad's sponsorship, getting into the Air Force academy was a cinch, but her own math and engineering grades allowed her to graduate top of her class. Her first few assignments in the Air Force were pretty standard - fighter wings and attack squadrons - but it was during her first staff assignment at US Space Command that she was able to clearly see how much of an impact space and space assets have on the global battlefield and operations. Stiletto became intensely active in the research and development of Anti Satellite (ASAT) technology, doctrine and systems, working on increasingly blacker and more secret programs. ASAT programs have been around since the 1950's, but have been bulky, cumbersome, and sometimes damaging to our own satellites. Stiletto saw a need for a rapid and precise capability to deny or contradict an enemy's use of the ultimate high ground. It was when she was working on the [REDACTED]** project when the Joe team who had an immediate need to destroy a Cobra weapons satellite approached her. Launching within 24 hours, Stiletto piloted the prototype space interceptor, knocked out the Cobra satellite with a kinetic strike missile, completed another 4 orbits in case Cobra came up to contest the mission (they did, and lost a Stellar Stiletto in the process) and had landed her interceptor at a remote Utah airstrip 5 hours later. The Joe Commander had her entire project declared operational and transferred her to the Joe team the next day. Stiletto not only pilots the space interceptor, but can also crew the Crusader as needed.

The XSF-21 Night Stiletto (Experimental Space Fighter) is a ground based single stage to orbit low duration craft capable of landing like an airplane on a standard runway. It is launched on a dual booster and delivered into any type orbit (asynchronous, geostationary and polar). It carries four hyper velocity kinetic kill munitions. It can also be equipped with an imaging pod, and can be rapidly launched and provide imagery and telemetry over pretty much any place on the globe if a satellite happens to not be covering that sector and operations or Joes on the ground require it.

Military operations as well as many aspects of our lives and economies depend upon satellites: Weather forecasts, surveillance, GPS navigation, defense tracking and early warning, multiple modes of communications and signals and broadcasting.

"Freedom of access to space is critical to our National Security and it is a potential weakness for any enemy such as Cobra to exploit. The Joe team is ready to launch at a moments notice to defend our assets and our access to space. (whispered) the final frontier..." - Stiletto

"That's my girl...(vroom, vroom)" - Payload
* Read Payload's filecard for the vroom vroom and whispering reference.

"Her ship is called the Night Stiletto and her code name is Stiletto? I thought she got her code name from those heels she's always wearing? Who wears heels in space? Hey...where are my gloves?" - Effects

*Chris Claremont's First Flight series, Star Trek Voyager, David Weber's Honor Harrington series, Space Above and Beyond
**Deleted for Security purposes

Qualified Pilot: F-16 Falcon, F-15 Eagle, F-22 Raptor, and XSF-21 Night Stiletto

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