File Name: Henry Gaitt
Birthplace: New Zealand

Shredder was born into a very well-to-do industrialist family. His father was involved in many enterprises including defense contracting, oil surveying, shipping and land speculation and was able to provide the best for his family. Shredder led a life of luxury. Scuba diving expeditions off the great coral reef at age 13, piloting lessons (rotary and fixed wing) at age 16, military style survival schools in the Americas, mountain climbing in the Patagonians at age 18, snowshoeing expeditions in the Himalayas and more. It was during his second year at Oxford, during a winter snowboarding break in Germany he fell in with a rough and tumble crowd. Fascinated with their lifestyle, Shredder quit school and used his access to his father's funds to travel the world's hottest snowboarding locations, but his father soon cut him off. His friends showed him how to earn money in other ways, and pretty soon he was ransoming rich snow-bunnies, robbing banks, breaking and entering ski-lodges of the wealthy in the Alps, the Pyrenees, Andorra and more to finance their globe trotting "endless winter." In a seedy little tavern in Vail, Buzzer and the Dreadnoks were grabbing a drink as they passed through on their way to a link up with Zartan. Shredder and his gang of "board-thugs" decided to throw down over some small and stupid infraction. At the end of the night, Shredder stood alone, beaten badly, but still standing and willing to fight. Impressed, Buzzer extended an invitation to join the Dreadnoks.

"Shredder thinks nothing of taking off in the Dreadnok Icebat, landing on a glacier and snowboarding down. Strafing a ski run or launching a missile into a ski lodge on the return flight home is just a bonus. His careless disregard for other peoples welfare and property and casual ability to mete out destruction make him a perfect fit with the psycho-dissociative sociopathic mindset of the Dreadnoks" - Psyche Out

"Cor Mate, Gnawgahyde is a bleeding wonder whenever we're in the bush and shrubberies', but Shredder? That's the bloke I want with me in the mountains and snow. I wish he had been around during that little scuffle up on the roof of the world bit. Plus he can fly his bloody tail off! Either in that little Icebat we absconded with (Cobra Commander won't mind us borrowing it) or in Zartan's Mojave helicopter. Yea, he's a right good bloke to have in a pinch." - Buzzer

"He don't like grape soda...I dunno...he wants me to paint his IceBat...I dunno..." - Thrasher (as he twisted and wrung a shop wrag and grinds his teeth)

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