File Name: Classified
Primary: Tactical Air Control Party TACP 1C471
Secondary: Munitions 2W051

The primary role of the TACP is to advise, assist and control the use of close air support assets. As a Forward Air Controller (FAC), the TACP calls in close air support usually in close proximity to friendly ground units. The FAC role is carried by enlisted airmen known as Joint Terminal Attack Controllers (JTACs). Qualified to operate any and all Laser Target Designators (LTD), Xombie's favorite is a an experimental prototype from the SOFLAM family of LTD's. Xombie is known as an education Junkie, any specialty training or advanced school he is qualified for he attends. Fluent in five languages he is currently working on adding French, claiming he has a "feeling" it may come in handy.

Xombie has either died or almost died over 12 times while on duty, and at least one other time while Off Duty. Heck, rumor has it he was even born dead. Somehow Xombie always comes back for more. He has a surly demeanor, but once you "get" him you'll have a friend for life. He's laid back in the field, but always professional. Definitely not the lone wolf type he is an essential member to any team. Putting bombs on Target is his bread and butter he doesn't miss and he goes out of his way to avoid collateral damage.

Leatherneck says "He can't shoot for spit, but it doesn't matter when he can knock out entire regiments with that laser pointer of his."

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