Pee Jay
Pee Jay
Pee Jay

File Name: David E Otto
Primary: Para Rescue 1T271
Secondary: Munitions 2WO51
USAF E - 7

Pararescuemen, are special operators tasked with retrieving personnel from hostile environments. A typical Pararescue mission would entail insertion by helicopter behind enemy lines in order to find, treat and extract friendly forces such as a downed pilot or wounded special operator. PJs train to jump into hostile environments from hovering helicopters, and can also insert by parachute.

Trained medics and smooth operators, they can solve just about any problem the average soldier can find himself in. Pee Jay has a long list of certification parachute training (both basic and HALO), combat diving, underwater egress training basic survival, paramedic training, pararescue recovery specialist course.

Peejay is the man to call when your hero needs a hero. The guy will literally sky dive into hostile fire just to give you a band aid. There's a nasty rumor that many Joe medics are pacifist, Pee Jay has never once been confused with one of those other Medics. He'll patch you up with one hand while laying down suppressive fire with the other.

From CWO Flint's files : "Since Pee Jay has joined the team I can't seem to find any reason to not take him on a mission."

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