Name:Fred "Knock-Knock" Quiltzerson
Specialty: Demolitions/Primary Entry Team
Secondary: Cook
Place of Birth: Burien, Washington

Knock-Knock was a very inquisitive child. Much like a cat, a closed door was his kryptonite. He spent most of his childhood devising ways to break into the family pantry, he loved to cook. In high school half his time was spent mixing concoctions that would make his science teacher angry... and go boom. The other half of his time was spent mixing things in the kitchen.

After high school he was torn about what path to pursue. He had scholarship offers from several colleges both in the science, and culinary arts. He decided to take a different path entirely. He joined the coast guard, staying close to home in the Puget Sound. After mustering out, he joined the SPD (Seattle Police Department) where he eventually progressed into SWAT. His love of explosives and his hate for closed doors easily afforded him a place as the entry man in his team.

He now specializes in getting GI Joe into any closed place. Be it a fortified door, or a reinforced bunker. If there is a door, Knock-knock will breech it. His knowledge of explosives is extensive. Knock-Knock has always been a straight forward kind of guy. This is reflected in the way he breeches a door as well as his amazing homestyle cooking. He knows exactly how much firepower it will take to get him through that door, and he uses just a BIT more.

Quote: "Knock, knock"
"Who's there?"

This is a custom that my son came up with. He is 7. He called the shots, I helped make it happen.

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