Entry 09
Entry 09
Entry 09
Entry 09
Entry 09

This was a very challenging contest. Why I made my Joe Customs this way?
- if shown to collectors, they should be able to recognize (most of) the parts and the modifications made to them
- if shown to adults from our age, they should be able to recognize it as a vintage action figure that has been repainted and much more
- if shown to laymen, they should be able to see where it all came from (before/after): the base toy figure as well as the stuff that's been done to make it look different. That's also the reason why I went for the half/half-look, because a perfectly painted custom figure wouldn't be recognized as such by a layman on a convention.

I also wanted to put the most common techniques used by customizers in this single figure, because there should be at least one of them that all members use in their customs. So I:
- took parts from several figures, since most of us do that to start a new custom project. The parts are symmetrical, otherwise the "half/half-thing" of my Joe Customs wouldn't become that visible.
- sanded off some of the details (moustache, arm pad)
- sculped some new details using Green Stuff (hair, sleeve, holster)
- added stuff from other figures (knife, ammo pouch)
- added stuff from a company that's been established to supply collectors with newly sculpted stuff (flashlight, pistol from Marauder Inc)
- used custom made waterslide decals (name, flag)
- made a custom gun from two different guns and a household item
- repainted everything

The banner was something I came up with on the very last moment. It can be dropped, but I like the fact that it shows a site logo so it literally stands for Joecustoms.

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