This common Viper chosen more or less at random from the vast legion of Cobra's Forces to be converted by Dr. Mindbender into a being of almost pure energy to test an electrochemical process of matter to energy conversion. Predictably, the experiment went horribly awry, and the Electrofire Viper escaped containment to terrorize Cobra Island during the Halloween Celebration.

The Electrofire Viper has a dense electrochemical core visible as a blue cylinder of electrical energy. The venting of this energy in the areas where the Viper's limbs used to be is actually a barely contained jet of red hot fire, that can be shot out at will, destroying vehicles, structures, personnel, and melting all the really good chocolates in treat bags.

"He is beautiful, destructive, and perfect. He has no form, and can not be destroyed. He is the finest weapon I have ever created - but we can not control him. Oooops." - Dr. Mindbender

This custom was created from random parts, hot glue and clear paint. The details surrounding the process are outlined in this months JoeCanuck newsletter. I was able to preserve a lot of the joint movement, so the toy retains it's playability. Joecustoms member Darko deserves the credit for the technique, I just pushed it out to the entire figure.

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