File Name: Barr, James "Jim"
Primary Military Specialty: Ballistics
Secondary Military Specialty: Chemistry
Birthplace: Fawcett City, MN

Jim Barr was a frail police chemist who invented a drug that built-up his physical appearance and gave him super-strength and intellect. Using his now formidable mind, he creates an anti-gravity device called the Gravity Regulator Helmet. Wishing to strike terror into the hearts of evil-doers everywhere, Jim fashions a uniform for himself and donning his newly-invented helmet becomes Bulletman!

"The INTRUDER challenges Bulletman, eh? Then there's only one thing left to do! Bulletman accepts the challenge!"

I really wanted to make this guy using as many of the 94 Action Team parts as possible. At the time, the arms worked better than Action Soldier, and the thighs worked too. I had planned on using an Action Marine waist, but switched to this one last minute. Overall, I'm happy with him but I may swap his arms for Dusty v3.

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