Genghis Rex
Genghis Rex

When Cobra Commander forbid Dr. Mindbender from ever recreating the Serpentor project, the mad scientist decided to bend the rules. Instead of creating another HUMAN clone, he combined the collected DNA of history's greatest (and most horrible) military leaders with that of dinosaur DNA, believing the reptilian genetics would create a less intelligent and more manageable template for cloning.

When Mindbender realized the subject was developing far superior mental abilities than were intended, he scrubbed the project and dumped the remains on the testing grounds of small land mass south of Cobra Island, where some of his other dinosaur projects were developing.

Somehow, the creature survived and excelled in its new habitat, putting to use the implanted memories and training Mindbender had programmed into its development, and took the name Genghis Rex.

By the time COBRA became aware of Rex, he had trained packs of the dog-sized Hunter Raptors (another of Mindbender's genetics projects) to follow his commands and was gaining a following from some of the islands more intelligent experiments.

Unaware Genghis Rex was born from the same process that created Serpentor, Cobra Commander has allowed the creature to serve as COBRA's field office on the dinosaur island.

Rex is a cunning and capable adversary, but is driven by instinct and blood lust which can be used against him by a more rational opponent. He craves combat, not leadership, though it remains to be seen if he has inherited the same ambition that lead to Serpentor usurping the COBRA throne.

Rex is another 80/90's toon villain I've been wanting to tackle for a while, but kept going back to the drawing board because I couldn't find just the right parts. He's the big bad from Dinosaucers. The Amazing Spider-Man Lizard figure proved a "good enough" base, though I'm disappointed he lacks the standard Joe torso and hip articulation. He's got enough armor to hide those short comings though, and really came to life when I started to detail him. I opted for a more subdued brown and purple over his toon gear's blue and orange, and went with a darker, truer red for his skin tone to make him a little more viscous.

I intended to submit him for the Dino-Hunters group project but just couldn't realize him the way I wanted to with what was available on the shelves at the time.

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