Red Cobra
Code Name: SATAN
FILE NAME: Unknown
GRADE: Equivalent to M 16

An expert in archery, this Cobra enemy is used by his commanders in missions where accuracy and supernaturally cold blood are needed. An arrow in his hands becomes a real laser beam, due to its speed and devastating consequences. Only a few have seen him and even less have had the luck to be able to describe him.

(alternatively, enjoy all the purple prose of my rewritten Satan filecard!)

Satan was originally just a red repaint of Storm Shadow sold in Argentina. Devil's Due gave him a dorky name and a robotic spine. And forgot he was originally an archer. Well, I didn't want to call my version Sei Tin. I wanted Satan, and physically, I wanted him to live up to the name. The Blue Spirit figure Last Airbender was the first piece I'd settled on, but the original body I'd used made him look too commando-y and just did not give much mystery to him. I wanted something that'd hide everything about him, making some wonder if he's even human at all. The Retaliation Red Ninja body was the ideal starting point, being a red retool of 30th Anniversary Storm Shadow. Taking inspiration from the unreleased Ghost Ninja from the planned Legends Of The Arashikage pack, I used the skirting and scarf from POC Storm Shadow to accessorize him.

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