Mike Power
Mike Power
Mike Power

The Atomic Man
File Name: Power, Michael
Primary Military Specialty: Bionic Adventurer
Secondary Military Specialty: Infantry
Birthplace: Crown Point, IN
Grade: E-4

Mike Power was drafted near the end of the Vietnam War. While there, he met an up and coming sergeant by the name of Joseph Colton. During that time Mike's camp was ambushed by Viet Cong. A grenade was tossed near Colton, and Mike jumped on it, risking his life to save the sergeant. Mike survived, but was severily wounded. He lost site in his right eye, and lost his right arm and left leg. Like many Vietnam vets, Mike came home to a difficult life. One fateful day, Army Officer Joseph Colton showed up at his door. Remembering the act off bravery Mike showed, Joe offered Mike a chance to start over with a new life, and new atomic limbs as part of a secret strategic defense initiative installation known as the Adventure Team.

This figure was a labor of love. It took me a while to find clear parts, but the Micronaut Time Traveler figure worked awesome. The glowing eye was almost an afterthought, but luckily I was able to get it to work. I cut the head in half, put the bulb inside. Ran the wires through the neck. I placed a battery under each arm peg, then ran wires to a switch that I glued underneath the torso peg.

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