File Name: De La Vega, Jocelyn
SN: 134-10-1109
Grade: O-3
Birthplace: Bronx, New York
Primary Specialty: Fixed Wing Pilot
Secondary Specialty: Intelligence Operations

Freestyle's parents hailed from the Dominican Republic. She was the daughter of a New York cab driver who worked for the same taxi company as David McCarthy, aka Blocker, before he enlisted. Growing up, she enjoyed riding in her father's cab; his quick reflexes navigating the heavy traffic in the borroughs made him seem like a stunt drive in Hollywood. She took her road test in that very same cab the day she turned 16. Her interest in high speed break-neck maneuvers led her to join the Air Force to pursue a career flying jets. Her instructors at Advanced Flight Training School were impressed by her skills and offered her file for review by the fighter jockeys inside GIJoe. After the crazy vetting process was completed, Ace made the job offer to Captain De La Vega to join the Joes. Her first missions were for Night Force. Since then, she's flown in every major combat zone GIJoe needed pilots for.

The GIJCC created Freestyle for their convention Night Force set and I really dig the character, I just needed it in o-ring form. This project was a perfect excuse.

After the figure was together I started painting it in the original color scheme but it was so monotone. So I went lighter/more teal for the flightsuit and the silver holster/straps were inspired by the Spy Troops Wild Bill. The leg map was inspired by Wild Weasel/Skystriker.

I need a helmet for her still, but her hair presents a significant dilemma there. Also, she needs a jet someday.

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