Cross Country
Cross Country

Robert Blais was one of the youngest and fastest rising government agents in the field. He specialized in moonshiners and none of them got away when Robert got on the chase. Hired at the age of twenty, Robert quickly proved how skillful he was behind the wheel of a car. Never letting any terrain get the best of him, he demolished several government police cars chasing the 'shiners. He loved speed and he loved the chase and he loved catching the bad guys. Robert was born for this job. His superiors recognized his abilities and began sending him on special cases across the country on one condition; he had to provide his own car.

A pet project of his, Robert's beautiful green coupe, is his pride and joy. He refers to it affectionately as Havoc, and talks to it like it could talk back. A built flathead V8 and removal of heavier parts that he considers extra, like seats and the spare tire, mean his car is one fast machine and he has taken down several moonshining legends with it. A true vehicle of beauty it always draws stares as he pulls into any town, shaking the storefronts with the rumble of its exhaust as it idles down Main Street. Robert is continually working on his car and always looking for the next best way to make it go even faster.

A sucker for speed, Robert can always sniff out where the local boys race in every town. And all across the South he has come across the circle track races on Sunday. Its here, with his hat pulled low, that he admires the cars and takes note of the drivers he is sure to arrest in the coming days. No matter how fast the cars he knows that none of them can get away from his Havoc. Aside from noting which drivers he will arrest, Robert has been brainstorming about racing lately. He thinks that if he can give the 'shiners an organized league to race their cars in and hand out money to the winners then they won't have to run moonshine to make ends meet. And he could finally quit his job chasing them and somehow make a career out of racing. "Maybe some kind of Fast Car league or something. But honestly how could a man ever make a career out of racing in a circle?" It's with those thoughts that keep him from attempting to organize such a thing.

In 1946 he is sent on assignment to his native North Carolina. Here in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains a new 'shine runner has shown up. The local police have all had there cars destroyed by flying cinderblocks they tell him. That's something that Robert simply smiles at disregards as nothing. Then he sees the cars with the smashed windshields and the cinderblocks still lying in the front seats. The front ends of the cars are beat up and dented and the locals say it's nothing they can do, that they are leaving it up to Robert and the federal government to handle this one.

The first time Robert sees the car that's causing them trouble he gets sick to his stomach. How could anyone do that to a car? No doors, hood, or windows. The steel smashed up all over the car. Mud caked under the fenders. The small man behind the wheel with a bright green helmet on his head and a big smile on his face looked as though he had no control of the large Ford. Robert truly couldn't believe this was causing anyone problems. As set out on the chase he was slowly gaining on the unsightly car. The wild driving and damaged body was hiding the fact that the car was fast. But still it was not as fast as Havoc. As he rounded what he thought was the last turn before he overtook the driver, Robert saw a humongous man in his headlights throw something his way. The next thing he knows, a cinderblock smashes through his windshield. He slides to a stop and just stares at the giant approaching him. All alone on this back road, he knows what the large man has in mind for him. He notices what appears to be a cinderblock tied to a steel pole in the man's hand as he approaches. He slams the car in reverse and comes to a sudden stop as he sees he has backed into the ugly car he was originally chasing. Nothing left to do he jumps from the car and runs into the woods. Occasionally looking back all he sees is the giant with the cinderblock. When they give up chase he waits for a couple hours hiding and when he goes back to his car he sees that the two men have destroyed it. Very obvious square dents are all over the body and every window is smashed. The seat lay in the road and the tires are flat. Havoc is dead it seems and now its time for payback as soon as Robert contacts his old friend back home, Earl Swilley.

I was going for a government issue agent look here. If you find any pictures of the old revenuers they all appear to have stepped right out of church. The hat was an attempt to give him a Jack Rousch look as well as tying him to the 1946 time period.

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