Awkward and clumsy, Nunchuk fought most of his childhood for acceptance. Though his father was one the Shogun's advisors, he was given no respect by his peers. Instead he became the target of much of their teasing and many of their pranks. Budo, not but four years older than Nunchuk, took him under his wing, just as the Shogun had done for him. Budo guided Nunchuk to focusing on martial arts training, history, and building self-confidence. Over several years Nunchuk became less of a victim and more of an aggressor, though Budo still acted as his conscience as to when the young man had gone too far. After much effort, Nunchuk found a balance within himself and was appointed Budo's lieutenant. He looks at Budo as brother more than a mentor and would give his life in protecting him. One fateful day he had to prove that very loyalty. As Budo and the geisha Jinx took a midnight stroll through the courtyard, Nunchuk followed from a distance. His fighting skills had sharpened as well as his intuition over the years, and he feared Budo was becoming too close to Jinx. He watched through the brush as Budo and Jinx came closer and closer to one another, his eyes fixed heavily on her. He waited for her to make a move, but to his surprise an arrow shot directly in her back cut the embrace short. He leapt from his position to serve as barricade between Budo and the unknown attacker. Kammas raised, he watched as Budo held Jinx's lifeless body and rests it on the ground. The attacker, a ninja, crept out of the shadows ready to strike. Budo raised his sword with a fire in his eyes that Nunchuk had never seen . The two samurai prepare for the battle with the assassin.

For more on this story , see Storm Shadow's bio.

This figure took more effort because of the chest not matching up with the waist. An extra piece had to be made with sculpy to fit the two pieces together. Then that piece had to be re-sculpied. This is a tall figure. Over 4 inches tall. Because of the extra waist piece, and the new style legs and the old style chest.

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