Filename: Hinton, Marvin
Birthplace: Biloxi, Mississippi
Primary Military Specialty: Gatling Gunner
Secondary Military Specialty: Cook

Marvin was one of the most coveted slaves in the South. His sheer size and brute strength coupled with his calm demeanor made him a perfect worker in almost any situation. Although Marvin was easy going, he longed for the freedom that his owners had. He escaped and became one of the key members of the underground railroad. During the Civil War, Marvin joined up with the North and dreamed for combat actions. He never realized that even the Northerners were prejudice towards the African-Americans. Despise his size and strength, he was made a cook for the rest of the infantry. They even had to chain him to the stove to keep him off the battlefield. During one of the battles, the North was being pushed back seemingly towards defeat. Marvin broke his chain and grabbed the gatling gun of it's stand and began pounding at the Confederate forces. From that day foward Marvin was called "the Roadblock" cause no man could pass through him.

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