Road Pig
Road Pig
Road Pig

Born in 1928, Donald Deluca was not wanted by his parents. Left at an orphanage in New York City, Donald was raised by nuns until he was 5 years old. Even at an early age he was talking to himself and had no friends. The nuns observed this and took it as a sign of the devil. The nuns took to whipping the boy and punishing him whenever they saw him talking to himself or not interacting with the other children. The final straw was when one of the priests held him down by his throat and attempted and exorcism. Donald fought back as best as a 5 year old could and landed a foot in the priest's crotch which allowed him to escape. Jumping out of a nearby window, Donald ran away from the orphanage and took to the streets that he would call home until a fateful day in 1941.

Donald was a survivor and did better than expected by any child at that age. Staying to himself and taking only what he needed to get by, Donald was hardly noticed by anyone. He became quite adept at picking pockets and was able to take bits of money to pay for whatever he couldn't steal. As he neared puberty he began to take on quite an imposing appearance. A large boy and quite muscular I became harder for him to stay in the shadows.

April 4, 1941, 13 year old Donald needs new shoes for his rapidly growing body. As he attempts to reach into the pocketbook of a young redheaded lady a large man grabs him from behind. The man calls to the young woman who turns around and appears to Donald as the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. She begins to scold her husband for being so rough with the boy and thus becomes the first person to ever stand up for Donald. The man and woman continue to talk quietly as Donald stands there looking at the woman, mesmerized by her beauty. They then turn to him and introduce themselves as a Mr. and Mrs. La Crosse and offer him an unbelievable gift.

Donald cannot believe his luck when the La Crosses offer to take him in as his son. He now has a roof over his head and a family to love him. He is quite delighted to meet his new younger brother, Edwin, who doesn't seem to return the feeling. His new parents began trying to teach him reading and writing and basic math but he has such a hard time understanding it all. What he lacks in brain power though he more than makes up for with brute strength and goes to work helping his father by carrying bricks.

By 1945 Donald's new parents have seen him talking to himself several times on a daily basis. While they can't hear him very well it appears he keeps referring to himself in the third person, like he is having a conversation with someone named Donald. He has failed to grasp the basics of education and his father has taken to calling him a retard everywhere but while they are at work. Late in that year his father has taken to drinking heavily and fighting with Donald's beautiful mother. During these times Donald follows Edwin out of the door and sticks close with him. It's during these times that he and Edwin finally grow close. He tells Edwin how he has heard another voice in his head all his life and he tells him what happened at the orphanage. He tells Edwin all the stories he thought he had forgotten while living on the streets. It's during these conversations that Edwin notices that Donald only speaks in full sentences when recounting his past. It seems to Edwin as if he is talking to another person besides Donald.

In December of that year he and Edwin returned home to find their father choking their mother. They ran to their mother's help and in the confusion Donald's father was stabbed by Edwin and the Donald twisted his neck so hard he heard a distinctive snap. Edwin decided they had to leave and he took his father's truck and followed Edwin south.

Now in the spring of 1946 he and Edwin have made their way to North Carolina where they have began running moonshine as a team. Edwin hauls the liquor and Donald handles the police. He waits patiently until he hears the roar of the engines at which time he stands in the middle of the road and throws cinderblocks at the oncoming police cars. It was during one of these waits he constructed his cinderblock hammer. His technique of blocking the road led one of the officers to refer to him as a "road pig" over the CB radio. A name that Thrasher overheard and now has stuck to calling Donald's other, more dangerous, personality.

I wanted this figure to look like Eric Powell's The Goon. Just a rough and tough looking guy who has a strong back and a weak mind. The relationship between him and Thrasher was based off of Lennie and George from Of Mice and Men.

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