Storm Shadow
Storm Shadow

Storm Shadow:

The Arashikage clan lived peacefully for years, focusing on the spiritual teachings rather than the physical. But as the samurai war raged, the Arashikage ninjas became involved, not to take a side but rather to protect the clan. Many ninjas were sent on covert information gathering missions as well as assassinations. As the war ended, many of the Akito felt they were left without honor and joined the Arashikage clan seeking to regain a sense of honor.

Tomasu Arasikage became a student of the Arashikage ninja style at an early age. By being of the direct bloodline of the founders, Tomasu was taught skills that a normal pupil would have to learn after many years of training. At the age of twenty, he had become master and instructed many pupils including his cousin he nicknamed Jinx, due her bad timing, as well as another female student Vypra, who refused to reveal her identity because she felt it would weaken her presence. Tomasu accepted her explanation and became quite fond of Vypra's determination. He knew by the texture of her skin that she was older than many of his pupils, but felt that the fire driving within in her outweighed any question of her ability.

As Jinx and Vypra neared the end of their training, Storm Shadow received information that Budo and the Royal Guard would be coming to attack the Arashikage Clan due to its acceptance of the Akito. As a final test, Storm Shadow sent Jinx undercover as a geisha to eliminate Budo before the supposed attack was to occur. Vypra served as go between reporting on the status of Jinx's operation. Storm Shadow become more and more allured by Vypra as time went on. On her last report, Vypra stated that Jinx had become a traitor and had allied herself with Budo.

"A traitor to the clan must be dealt with!" she remarks to Storm Shadow.

Feeling a heavy sense of betrayal, Storm Shadow states that he will deal with the situation himself. Though he had misgivings about taking the life of his cousin, he felt a responsibility of maintaining the honor of his clan.

Darkness encompassed him as he made his way through the palace courtyard hidden by the thickness of the trees. He saw both Jinx and Budo moving closer toward him and steadies his bow to make two clean shots. As the pair moved closer together, he took aim. Before he could release, the air whipped from a distance and he watched as Jinx fell into Budo's arms. Storm Shadow was alarmed. He leaped from his haven in order to locate the one who took his kill. Another figure, Nunchuk jumped in front of Budo as he layed Jinx to the ground. Both wield their weapons ready to strike at Storm Shadow for taking Jinx's life. The three warriors began to fight, as a mysterious onlooker moves in closer.

For the conclusion of this story, see Vypra's bio.

Special Thanks: I'd like to thank matthew for the idea of this figure (from his Shogun figure)!

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