She showed herself a skilled and cunning warrior to Storm Shadow, her Arashikage mentor. Proving herself time and time again, she surpassed any challenges her teachers could place before her. Her determination could not be matched. Though he knew not what drove her, Storm Shadow respected her from day one. She grew in skill as a warrior and surpassed many of the other students. Though she drifted in from time to time for her training, Storm Shadow never questioned her motives or allegiance.

Her final test was to serve as a go between, scouting a particular mission involving one of the Shogan's chief officers. Jinx, another Arashikage student had been sent in the guise of a geisha to assassinate Budo, the Shogun's second in command. As the mission progressed, Vypra reported that Jinx had become emotionally involved with her prey and had lost her way. Storm Shadow, angered by this news, set out to take down both the traitor and her prey.

The night Jinx was supposed to take Budo's life, she withdrew as he confessed his feelings for her. Storm Shadow as well as a shadowy unknown figure watched from a distance. Storm Shadow carefully aimed his bow at Budo, but before he could release, an arrow cut Jinx down, and she rested limply in Budo's arms. Another figure entered the scene, a loyalist bearing two kammas. He jumped in front of Budo as to serve as a barrier as Budo laid the Jinx's limp body on the ground. Storm Shadow, in disgust and anger exposed his position as he searched for the mystery assailant. Seeing the ninja, Nunchuk, Budo's protege, attacks Storm Shadow and is dealt a deadly blow. Budo, angered by both the injury of his friend and loss of his love, attacks like a ravaged bull.

From a distance, cloaked figure steps into the moonlight. Holding a bow, she drops it to the ground and watches as if a spectator at a sporting event. The theatrical mask she wears shows tears, yet her eyes reveal a joy inside. Vypra removes the mask and reveals the face of Shusing. She smiles widely at her fine-tuned and orchestrated plan.

"They live by the sword, and they die the sword," she whispers to herself as Budo and Storm.

I based this figure on the McFarland figure pictured.

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