Lady Kestrel
Lady Kestrel
Lady Kestrel

Subject: Lady Kestrel
File Name: Lady Lauren Elizabeth McPherson
Nationality: English
Rank: Captain of the Iron Grenadiers

Born in the wild of Rwanda, daughter of a diplomat and a relief worker, Kestrel was raised unaware of the status her family held or the title she would inherit. The jungle and plains became her playground and a family of tribesmen her guide. Taught the art of tracking, the ways of nature and the art of the blade, Kestrel could tell you where a hyena had been, what it had for dinner, and where it had been from the animal's tracks.

Tragedy struck when her parents were slaughtered by rebels during the civil unrest, leaving the orphaned girl to return to the city she nothing of and responsibilities she cared little for. Rejecting her heritage, she returned to the land she called home, determined to avenge her parents. Working in tandem with the Rwandan military and hired mercenaries, Kestrel tracked rebel faction down, then acted as a spotter for the mercs or soldier.

Destro's Sergeant Major learned of Kestrel during an arms deal with one of the mercenary groups the government had hired. Kestrel was brought into the Iron Grenadiers and cross trained as a sniper scout for their forces. Upon Destro's request, she was also trained in the ways of polite society and her heritage, so that he could use her when meeting with diplomats and business partners, knowing her eye for detail would catch weaknesses or personal details Destro might exploit for his own gain.

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