File Name: Joseph Colton
Primary Military Specialty: CO - Anti Terrorist Unit Delta
Secondary Military Specialty: Infantry
Grade: O-10
Birthplace: Central Falls, Rhode Island

Motto: "Duty! Honor! Country! Not just words... a way to live your life!"

About thirty or so years ago, it became clear that the one of the greatest terrorist threats to the United States and her allies would lie in the Middle East. Not wanting to be unprepared, General Joseph Colton became the US Military's foremost expert on tactics involved in desert warfare.

From the files of the Joint Chiefs of Staff:

"A few years back, an aspiring Hollywood actor spent some time with Colton to adopt some of the "tough as nails" attitude that had made the old soldier famous. That young actor's name is Clint Eastwood. I know Colton, and I've seen Eastwood's movies. When comparing the the two, those characters aren't even tough enough to do Colton's laundry."

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