Range Viper

PMF: Wilderness Trooper
SMF: Arctic Survival Specialists

Range Vipers are normaly commited to Long Term Operations deep within Unfreindly territory, Completely cut off from Communications and Supplies, however a small faction have been trained to work in Polar/Tundra regions. They have an unusually high tolerance for discomfort and can survive on a diet of whatever is available. They are expected to build their own shelters out of indeginous materials and procure their own ammunition via hit and Run raids on enemy ammo depots. Experts in use of all Nato and Warsaw pact armaments, and have received basic Eel and Snow Serpent Training.

"Range Vipers are the Favorite of the Cobra High command, since once they are in the feild they don't cost anything to feed, clothe or arm. But if thoes stationed in temperate zones weren't bad enough, the Arctic batallion is WORSE. Permanent service in sub-zero temperatures 24-7 and dificulty finding food and weapons haven't done much to improve their already anti-social attitudes. The few times theyv'e had to work with now Serpent regiments, several decorated Serpents requested to be permanently re-assigned as Desert Scorpions!"

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