Code Name: Rasta
File Name: Classified
Alias: Quin Marley
Primary Military Specialty: Intelligence Agent
Secondary Military Specialty: Tropical Amphibious Commando
Birthplace: Trenchtown, Jamaica

The CIA placed Rasta in the Rastifarian Army to weed out a terrorist working within the organization. When it was discovered Cobra was backing this individual, GI Joe and the CIA joined forces to take the terrorist down with the assistance of Rasta. Upon seeing him in action against Cobra and Guerilla forces alike, he was asked to join the GI Joe team and gladly accepted to everyone's benefit.

General Tomahawk: "He's not the stereo type of what most people consider a Jamaican to be. He's usually quiet and calm, but when he has something to say, everyone listens. I'd gladly let him keep his dreads and Rastafarian beliefs in Haile Selassie, to have his skills on the Iguana and his ability to survive in the tropical jungles and waters of the world."

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