Riot Shield

File Name: Ross Michaels
Primary Specialty: Urban Assault Specialist
Secondary Specialty: Special Weapons And Tactics

Riot Shield was a cop in the S.W.A.T. division of Los Angeles, and the L.A. Riots broke out his first week on the job. During the madness, he ended up stranded alone on the wrong side of town and found himself pinned by two rival gangs, who rather than take eachother on, teamed up against the only police officer in sight. For five hours, Riot Shield held his own, using rubber bullets and his shield as his only means of defense. After the siege was over, he was wounded in the shoulder, but had eight gang members in custody, and none of them had been killed.

From the files of Global: "Riot Shield is a 'think outside the box' kind of guy, and really adapts to almost any environment. That's what makes him such a danger in an urban setting: there are so many things for him to use to his advantage."

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