Street Sweeper

Code Name: Street Sweeper
File Name: Classified/unknown
PMF: Urban Assault
SMF: Heavy Weapons

Street Sweeper wasn't promoted for his skill, his talent, or his good looks. Street Sweeper is just plain mean and tough. In a practice excercise, he took a full clip of 5.56 mm hardball across the chest, and still took down his target, breaking the unfortunate Viper's arm while he was at it. The Alley Vipers as a whole are known for the strength, stamina, and downright dumb brute force, and Street Sweeper excells in all of these.

From the Journal of Cobra Commander: "Good grief! This Alley Viper is either completely devoid of pain, or too stupid to recognize it. Today he got hit by a Stinger Jeep, and still managed to take down the hapless Officer driving it. The Officer demanded I punish him, but just imagine what he could do against the Joe team!!"

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