The Headman grew up in the "Midwest", under the influence of Nazi teaching. His teachers were given only Nazi-approved books, and a strict eye was kept on anyone who tried to teach otherwise. As such, he began to believe all that the Nazis taught. He was enamored with the cost-cutting ways the Nazis eliminated their enemies and how even the strongest man could be brought down through torture and abuse. The more he read, the more interested he became in detention centers and brainwashing. When he was old enough, he enlisted in the Nazi army and asked that he be assigned to a prison with enemies of the state.

He worked his way up through the years. The more he abused and assaulted the prisoners, the quicker he was promoted. Finally, he was promoted to the position of Lieutenant and given control over a penitentiary. The Headman was not as happy in his new position as he expected to be. All the fun he had of daily beatings and constant bullying was taken away from him. So the Headman changed the rules so that he got to assault the prisoners, and do as he wished. The prisoners became so frightened; they gave him a nickname-the Headman.

One day, while walking around the camp he saw a beautiful young lady working in the rock piles. She was dirty and skinny, of course, since no one in the Headman's camp would be treated fairly, but her beauty was there all along. A day passed, then several more before he saw her again. This time, she was cleaning a shotgun. He decided he wanted her. He had her brought in front of him, and had her blindfolded and shoved in the back of a van. He drove her to a chemical plant that he used for his favorite "treatments." He pulled her out, took her inside, and prodded her up some stairs. When they reached the top of the scaffolding, he removed her blindfold.

"Do you know why you're here?" The Headman asked. "No, I don't." she replied.

He threw his head back and laughed. "You're here to amuse me. Now take off your clothes." She refused. "Do it or I'll kill you!" he shouted, advancing on her with a knife.

Expecting her to either drop her clothes, or fall off the scaffolding into the vat below. Instead, she kneed him square in the stomach and he crumpled to the ground. He gasped for air and heard a thud as one of his guards cracked his head against a rail, and then heard a shotgun blast as the girl flew past him, almost on the edge. Having regained his wind, he hollered and dove at her, furious that she would dare fight back against him. Too late, he noticed she brought her feet up. His momentum working against him, he screamed as he fell towards the silo of battery acid. He thrashed about in the tub, trying to escape, until he sunk to the floor... But the Headman didn't die. He somehow managed to crawl out several minutes later. The entire right side of his body was severely mutilated and his body was scarred all over. He dragged himself in front of the best surgeons the Nazis had. But instead of restoring him, they enhanced him. However, he no longer looked human, so it was decided he be re-assigned from the death camps. He chose to become involved with chemical weapons, and changed his nickname from the Headman- to CESSPOOL.

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