Lance Steinberg
Primary Military Specialty: Guerilla Warfare
Secondary Military Specialty: Mechanic

Lance Steinberg was born to fully Jewish parents who had managed to survive the Nazi occupation of the and had been living in a remote area of the Catskill Mountains in New York. Steinberg spent his early years living in a shack that his father had built from felled trees and salvaged scrap metal. His father, a mechanic, taught his son how to repair the abandoned vehicles that the family occasionally discovered on their regular forays for food and supplies. Shortly after Steinberg's 13th birthday, his parents were killed when a Nazi patrol discovered their shack. Steinberg had been searching for food during the attack, and returned to find the bodies of his parents. Emotionally devastated and left to fend for himself at a very young age, Steinberg developed an extremely antisocial personality and all but lost the ability to interact with other people. Bordering on feral, he scraped out an existence in the wilderness, scavenging for food and becoming a skilled hunter. He quickly learned how to elude and kill the Nazi patrols that occasionally came through the area around his shack. Eventually, his actions attracted the attention of the Nazi command in the region, and the patrols became more frequent and alert. Steinberg's defense of his home gradually gave way to more offensive actions, and he began to engage in sabotage missions, destroying Nazi equipment and, when possible, eliminating personnel. On several such missions, Steinberg has encountered Cobra agents, who have offered him a place in the Cobra underground. Steinberg's lack of socialization and fear of people make that an impossibility, but his singular goal to destroy as much of the Nazi power structure as possible makes him an ideological ally of Cobra.

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