SS Officer Hans Kibben
SS Officer Hans Kibben

Name: Hans Kibben
Primary Military Specialty: SS Communications Specialist
Secondary Military Specialty: Administration
Birthplace: Gatlinburg, TN.

Hans Kibben was born to a proud family in 1962. Graced with a keen mind and determined disposition, Kibben was lucky enough to receive a full scholarship to the University of Berlin, where he studied Communications and Administrative sciences. He was recruited to the SS after graduation and rose through the ranks with considerable ease. His primary job was to spy on government officials that were thought to be resistance sympathizers. Kibben add hears to a number of very radical views that are held in high regard by the Fure. In 2002 Kibben was promoted to Chief Administrative Officer for North Amerika at the SS Communication Office in Toronto. Kibben has decided to run for Over Governor of Canada and is a shoe in to win the election. He has also mentioned a will to run for Governor of North Amerika when his term in Canada is up.

I couldn't find any chest that looked as good to me as the Claws Commander one. I never really figured this custom completely out, I finally just threw the parts together because I was tired of trying to come up with a good set of parts.

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