Real name: Various
PMF: Interrogation
SMF: Internal Investigation Bureau (IIB)

The Interrogators are a specialized branch of the SS created solely for the purpose of interrogation of prisoners. Under the Command of Anastasia, they are composed of SS troops who have been singled out for their zealot like passion for cruelty against enemies of the reich. Their interrogation methods vary for each, while some may simply use blunt-force instruments, others may use truth serum, mutilation by heat, and far, far worse. Some have even been known to get so engrossed in their interrogation they forget to ask any questions. While they are called to interrogate prisoners who do not cooperate after 24 hours of imprisonment, they are also called in immediately to question fellow party members accused of Treason. Normally garbed in a variation of the uniforms worn by original SS officers as an intimidation tactic. Aside from their Individual "tools", each is armed with a Walther P-40 pistol, and a police truncheon. Some have been known to become unnerved if the prisoner should challenge or attack them.

"If we were in a sane society, these animals would have been locked away long ago. These monsters are called in whenever a suspect doesn't cooperate with authorities after 24 hours of incarceration, regardless of their guilt or innocence. I pray for the soul of anyone unfortunate enough to be Interrogated by them: If they are lucky, they will only get beaten over every inch of their body. If not, any type of horror that your mind could imagine could befall them depending on the preferences and mental stability of their tormentor. The Interrogators policies of 'torture first and ask questions if I feel like it' have angered many SS officers, but they are fearful of any consequences if they say anything. Save for the highest ranking generals, there is no member of the reich who does not fear the interrogators, not even within their own ranks."

It took me a while to decide on certain parts. Origionally it was going to have Recondo legs and a claws commander head (again), but then it looked too much like Claws Commander. The Red band on the left arm has a swastica on it, but it isn't a very good one so I didn't scan a pic of it.

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