The star of the popular live action and cartoon television shows, NEO may be the most recognizable member of the NAZI military. Celebrated as the product of the famed NEO (New Engineered Organism) project, he has super strength, speed and cunning. He can be seen regularly defeating the clumsy forces of Cobra, keeping the world safe against their terrorism. Children can be heard to hum his theme song:

He'll fight for safety
Where ever there's conflict
N-E-O is there
The Real Patriotic Hero - N-E-O is there!

Cheers of "YO-NEO" greet him in the streets wherever he goes. He also gives time to the community, starring in the famous, "Now you know, so expect to be shot if you don't comply" public service ads. NEO represents the perfect Nazi, a model citizen for all children to live up to with the clear, patriotic message, "eat healthy, stay fit, and inform on your parents!"

However there is a dark side to the NEO story. There have been rumors from dissident factions that NEO may not have the skills and abilities that have been attributed to him, and doubt has been cast on the success of the NEO project. It has been suggested that he does not have the speed of a cheetah or the strength of a bull elephant. Rumors have surfaced that the famed time that he flipped over the Cobra tank with his bare hands was actually a carefully orchestrated illusion.

The much-maligned Cobra Commander, in the secret interview with the dissident paper "Pravda", suggested that "If NEO had beaten Cobra in combat as many times as the television suggests, there wouldn't be any of us left." He further went on to say that, "I nor, any of my freedom fighters have ever seen him. I doubt that he's ever set a foot on the battlefield."

When asked why the Nazi Government would make such an effort to show NEO beating him so often if it wasn't true, Cobra Commander had this to say:

"Propaganda, pure and simple. They've created a hero that is completely unbeatable, and characterized my freedom fighters as clueless oafs. They drive support away from the righteous cause of freedom by trivializing us, and glorifying their tyrannical military. It's a sick manipulation of the public mind, devoid of truth, which leads the next generation into willing slavery. Do you really think that my fighters could miss shooting him in an ambush EVERY TIME? That we have enough planes that he can shoot one down with a handgun every week? Please."

Despite the clearly unfounded and unpatriotic allegations against him, NEO remains as popular as ever. Both the live action and cartoon versions of his show top the ratings charts and his 3 3/4 inch action figure line has been the most popular toy worldwide for 3 years running. He will be launching his new soft drink line of YoNEO Cola this fall.

"Cobra won't stop until they control the world! I have to stop them. I will make my stand here! YO NEO!"
- NEO, from NEO the movie

This figure is based on the Neo-Viper.

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