Filename: Herbert Smith
Primary Military Specialty: Infantry
Secondary Military Specialty: Courier

Little is known about SHOOTER's past. Allegedly born to a Jewish merchant, SHOOTER was raised by a former Nazi storm trooper who took SHOOTER in as his own. When SHOOTER was 7, the Nazi SS came looking for the AWOL soldier who was allegedly sheltering a Jewish boy. They torched the home and left them for dead. SHOOTER managed to cover himself with burnt body of his caretaker. He then took out on his own with a head full of hatred and bad memories. Wherever SHOOTER went, pain followed. Hoping to find peace, SHOOTER settled at St. Gabriel's monastery in Austria. SHOOTER felt that he had finally escaped the Nazi regime. This lasted several years until the storm troopers tracked him down once again. The priests denied any existence of him until the Nazi SS began killing them one by one. Somehow managing to escape, SHOOTER came to the realization that no one was safe when he was around thus he began traveling throughout Europe searching out those who had caused him pain. He began gaining a reputation throughout the Nazi regime as a silent killer with deadly accuracy. The Nazi soldiers began referring to him as "SHOOTER." Tales of a mysterious man began spreading throughout Nazi armies as well as resistance groups. Believed to have killed 1000 Nazi soldiers single handedly. When SHOOTER began hearing of these stories he knew that if a single man could cause this much fear that a group of others, like himself, could strike fear into the Nazi leaders. He began attending resistance groups which eventually led him to the acquaintance of Jim McCullen. Even with his growing friendship, SHOOTER still felt reluctant to become close with anyone, fearing tragedy would strike. During a small skirmish, Jim was wounded and left behind by the rest. Realizing that he had never been able to save anyone before, SHOOTER attempted to save Jim. As he was attempting to move Jim out of the line of fire, a mortar shell impacted at the spot Jim once lay. Although Jim was uninjured, the blast nearly killed SHOOTER, leaving horrific scarring to his face. When SHOOTER recovered and realized that he had managed to save someone, he devoted himself to Jim as a friend and ally.

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