Shotgun Mary

Mary grew up under the shadow of German rule. Both she and her twin brother always feared that one day the Nazis would come for their family. And one day, her fears came true.

Late one night, when she was about 10, she heard the sound of a door being forced open. Creeping slowly down the stairs, Mary peered out between the slits. To her horror, the first thing she saw was her father being shot between the eyes. Before she could muffle it, she let out a scream. Then the Nazis grabbed her and hauled her out of the house. She struggled mightily, but it was to no avail. She was handcuffed and forced to watch as her childhood home was set ablaze. The fumes started to make her cough, but the worst part was the sound, as she heard her mother's screams fighting through the dull roar of the fire, until they got weaker and then died out completely...

When she was brought in front of an interrogator, she was asked if all her family was accounted for. She lied that they were, hoping that her step brother had made it out alright.

For the next few years, Mary was forced to work in a Nazi camp, sewing uniforms, cooking for the troops, and cleaning weapons. All of the prisoners ate gruel, only got 6 hours of sleep and were constantly abused by the guards. But Mary was a smart girl, and she watched the soldiers train, and learned several forms of unarmed combat along with how to fire several types of weapons.

One day, when she was around 20, she was brought in front of the Nazi Lieutenant in charge of the camp. He was the most feared Nazi, and the other prisoners referred to him as the Headman. He was known for being extremely cruel and disgusting. He blindfolded her, threw her in a van, and she was transported away. Mary wasn't sure how long she was in the van, but after a while, she was taken out, forced to walk up stairs, and when the blindfold was removed, she was on top of scaffolding in a chemical plant. The smell was disgusting, and the heat made sweat start to roll down her brow.

"Do you know why you're here?" The Headman asked. "No, I don't." she replied.

He threw his head back and laughed. "You're here to amuse me. Now take off your clothes." She refused.

"Do it or I'll kill you!" he shouted, advancing on her with a knife.

Mary started to step back, but stopped and lunged a knee forward, hitting the Headman square in the gut. He groaned and dropped the knife. One of the guards reached out with a shotgun and tried to hit her with the butt, but she dropped down and took out his legs. While he was falling, he cracked his head open on a rail. She grabbed the shotgun, spun, and unloaded a blast into the center of the second guard, but she was unaware of the powerful discharge it held, which knocked her backwards. She fell towards the edge, her head dangling over a vat of battery acid. By then, the Headman had gotten his wind back and dove at her. She put her feet up, got him square in the chest and flipped him over the edge.

He screamed on the way down, and hit the acid with a gigantic splash. She rolled over onto her stomach, and watched as his hand thrashed for a second, then sunk into the vat...

After leaving, she hid on the streets for a while, until one day she found a member of an underground organization named COBRA. She joined up with only one goal-vengeance against the animals who murdered her family. She kept the shotgun she used in her escape, but modified it so it wouldn't have such a kick. Now she roams the streets killing Nazis, and is known as SHOTGUN MARY.

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