File Name: Ralph Pulaski
Primary Military Specialty: Tank Commander
Secondary Military Specialty: Artillery

Pulaski's grandparents on his father's side were Poles who publicly sympathized with the Nazi occupation of Poland. Privately, they resented both the violent methods used to take over their homeland, and the atrocities that followed. However, they resisted the urge to pass on their anti-Nazi sentiments to their children, in an effort to keep them safe, as well as to avoid the possibility that they would be discovered. Pulaski's father grew up fully indoctrinated with the Nazi ideology, voluntarily joining the German army and eventually becoming a tank commander. Pulaski idolized his father, and enlisted in the German army as soon as he was of age. He quickly rose through the ranks, due both to his father's influence and his own natural aptitude for the strategy and technical requirements of commanding a tank. Pulaski exhibits complete dedication to the German army, and while his record contains instances of questioning orders, he has always unswervingly carried out those orders.

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