Techno Vipers already have it tough trying to repair cobra equipment while being shot at by the GI Joe team. These guys
though have it even harder they have to go to sites that Cobra deems security risks and try to salvage any equipment they can while the demolition teams are running blasting cables and setting charges. seems like an easy task until you learn that all Techno Vipers that go out don't come back.

On a tour of a Decommissioned Cobra Terrordrome for the History Channel R. Lee and his cameraman Leonard Michaels (Scoop) run into a Cobra Demolition team led by Scuttle attempting to retrieve sensitive data left on the central computer and completely destroy the base. Scoop radios the GI Joe team for for an extraction. Hollowpoint, Leatherneck and Mainframe are dispatched to retrieve their team mate and America's favorite Marine, but will they be in time...

In making my con set I wanted to kind of follow what the club does with finding good molds that were painted in bad colors and painting them better. I also changed the format the club normally uses. My main set has 5 x 3 different Cobra army builders (Demo Vipers, Techno-Vipers, and Data-Vipers). The figure sets are as follows 3 figure Marine rescue team (Leatherneck, Mainframe, and Hollowpoint). 2 figure enemies (Scoop vs Scuttle). A carded R. Lee Ermey round out the figures. The freebie small vehicle was supposed to be the pile driver, the mid size vehicle was going to be a Dragonfly, and the large vehicle would have been a Cobra Earthquake but I ran out of time and didn't complete them.

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