Real name: Tansian III, Arnold Jeferson
PMF: Holy Knight
SMF: Vampire killer

Descended from one of the Knights Templar who entered into Hell Earth, Arnold Tansian grew up at his fathers side, being trained to battle against Vampires while he was still a child, and was often lulled to sleep after being regailed of his many exploits in battle. He would picture himself fighting alonside his father against the feinds, then one day, while he was barely a teenager, his father didn't come home. Slain in battle against a powerful Vampire lord, who tore his head clean off, then impaled his lifeless body upon his own sword. This boy was then forced into a mans world, receiving both his fathers sword, still stained with blood, and his rank. To this day he has carried that sword, wich was forged of a mixture of iron and silver. Possesses leathal archery skills, can hit the stem of a apple from 200 yards.

"Some of the older knights still think of him as 'little Arnie', many would kid him with that moniker, and unfortunately for him, it stuck. However, by reputation, he is one of the best slayers hell earth has. Few Vampires he has come across have escaped him, after defeating a feind, he will decapitate it, burn its body, then take the head miles away to be burned and burried. He hunts not only to defend innocents, but for vengance against them for thoes who have fallen, he eagerly awaits the day that he will slay the demon who took his fathers life, the sadistic Vampire Lord known as Desade."

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