Jonah Caspar

Jonah leads one of the wandering clans in an ongoing quest to find his people a place to live. His life and history is marred with tragedy and bloodshed, the traumas of which having focused his life. Jonah's clan to used to go by the name of the Order of the Golden Cross so named by the villagers that had swarmed to the priest that had come to their village many centuries before with a golden cross in his hand. The priest had established a settlement community that drew in people for miles around as it was tauted as a community free of the plague of vampirism. The proclamation was grand, but ultimately flawed.

One day a rogue group of vampires stumbled upon the village that was secreted in a valley far removed from the majority of the earth's civilizations and wreaked havoc upon the inhabitants, slaughtering most of them and infecting a good deal more with vampirism. His mother was killed during the initial attack, her head removed from her body and his father, a long time priest for the village and the current head of the clan, was bitten and started on the slow road to vampirism. Jonah had to kill his own father that night as he succombed to the blood lust and took up his fallen staff and knife pledging to lead his clan to a haven free of vampires. After the night of the massacre, Jonah renamed his clan, the Order of the Bloody Cross and tattooed upon his face a red cross to symbolize his dedication to the survivers and to mark the event that changed his life forever.

Jonah is a direct descendant of the priests that first came to 'Hell Earth' with the Templar Knights. The priests that first started up the Order of the Golden Cross centuries ago upon arriving on 'Hell Earth' divided their numbers, some staying with the main division of the Templar Knights, and the rest spreading out across the world to spread the word of God and the theology of the Templar Knights to the inhabitants of the world. Jonah's ancestor was one of the priests that took to spreading the gospel of the Templars.

I made Jonah as a leader for one of the wanderer groups. Why? I dunno, I just did. I just had an urge to make a priest figure that carried a cross, and so Jonah was born.

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