Captain Commando

An accident during an attempt by cobra to rebuild the MASS Device opened a portal into yet another universe; however this time it sucked some hordes nasty Alien gangsters INTO our Universe. If that wasn't weird enough, it also brought in this guy, who called himself Captain Commando, and his 3 buddies, a ninja, a gangsta-mummy, and a baby piloting a Futuristic combat exo-suit. The Joe team dispatched to investigate the pulse from the devices explosion basically stood there in disbelief and watched as his posse took out all of the Alternate-universe intruders, as the Captain turned his attention to several squads of BATS that Cobra had pointed in their direction. Jumping into the middle of their formation, he completely obliterated each and every B.A.T. using only 2 attacks, then, as quickly as it started, they jumped back through the portal, leaving both Joes and Cobra scratching their heads as to what had just happened.

From General Hawk's Files:
When Duke told me what went down, I asked him what he had been drinking. I still cannot believe that one guy managed to effortlessly take out a squad of B.A.T.s. I also find it hard to believe that they saw a baby piloting an exo-suit beat-up some inter-dimensional Extraterrestrial Gangsters. Once I figure out what to file this incident under, I'll send the squad on some much needed vacation.

The good captain here is a Capcom owned charecter with his own titles and spots in the Marvel V Capcom Games.

This one was put toghether rather hastily, being I only made up my mind in early January. This is my first foray into using JvC parts in customs, and I think I could likely have done a little better.

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