Chakan has walked the earth for countless years. He won immortality by defeating Death himself in combat. But because of his arrogance Death turned his gift into a curse. Chakan can never rest, for when he sleeps he sees visions of evil supernatural creatures and he feels their victims pain as if it was his own. When in battle he can receive grievous wounds that although they will not kill him, the pain is nearly unbearable. His face has withered and his eyes burn with hellfire. His death is the only thing that he now longs for, but the only way that he can achieve that is if he destroys all that is supernatural and evil. Right after he cleansed the earth of the last of such evil creatures he thought that he had finally earned his rest, but he was wrong. Death came to him and pointed to the sky saying, "See the countless stars above your head...Each surrounded by worlds like yours...Worlds thick with supernatural evils...". Thousands of years passed as Chakan waited for some way to reach the stars, waited as technology started to improve, waited. Then one night in one of his nightmares he realized that an evil, which had been far away and inaccessible, was suddenly within reach. Chakan could sense that this evil being was much more powerful than any he had previously faced. Sephiroth had come to earth. Chakan decided that before he killed Sephiroth he would force him to teach him how to travel through space and time as he did.

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