Brian O' Connor
Brian O' Connor
Brian O' Connor

Codename: Brian Earl Spillner
Real name: Brian O'Conner
Primary Military Specialty: Undercover Officer
Secondary Military Specialty: Mechanic

Brian O'Conner was first noticed by the F.B.I. who used him to take down a group of street racers who where high-jacking semi-trucks. A few months later he got invloved with an illegal street racing circuit led by the L.A. chapter of the Dreadnoks. These same Dreadnoks were also being watched by G.I. Joe team member Clutch. Together, Clutch and O'Conner were able to take down the whole group. Clutch then recommended O'Conner first duty with the G.I. Joe team.

From General Hawk's Files "O'Conner is a difficult person to understand. Sometimes his loyalties do get misplaced, but he is one of the best undercover agents we now have. He is young enough to mix in with a crowd that the other Joe undercover agents can't. But he is very determined and driven to get the job done."

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