"Electric" Eels
Cobra Frogman - Technical Services Division
Primary Military Specialty: Mechanical Engineering
Secondary Military Specialty: Underwater Demolitions

The "Electric" Eel Corp (EEC) was born from the need to have crew aboard Cobra Naval vessels that were qualified to keep those vessels running under the most adverse combat conditions imaginable. Only Techno Vipers with 3 years combat experience and a written recommendation from their CO were considered for the intensive Eels training course. Due to the length of service required prior to becoming an EEC, they are generally more battle hardened and grounded than the typical Eel, and less prone to take unnecessary risks. As a result, they often fall into an unofficial leadership role in the units they serve in, and Cobra Command has taken to keeping the units together for longer periods of time, to maximize the benefits of this effect.

The EEC are fully qualified to repair, modify and operate the bulk of Cobra's Naval equipment as well as deliver their fair share of fire power in the water or on the ground, including underwater and battlefield demolitions.

"Electric Eels was the name given to a failed batch of Doctor mindbender's Venom Soldier experiments. Don't let that fool you. They were grudgingly given the nickname due to their electronics wizardry and Frogman training. They fight mean and they fight hard, and just when you think you've got that pesky Hydrofoil beat, they'll get it back up and running, guns blazing!"

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