"Septo" Viper
Cobra "Sepsis" Driver

"Septo" Vipers are fully qualified Secto Vipers with at least 2 years experience under their belts, on account of the importance of their payload. As Secto Vipers hey are trained to be extremely detail oriented and that carries over to their job on the "Sepsis" They take the responsibility very seriously and consider themselves a vital part of the team they deliver. As such, they learn as much as they can about the Eels team that they transport, including background and family information completely unrelated to the mission at hand. Some Eels find this intrusive and creepy, but what they don't understand is that for the Septo Viper, the better they know their crew, the more care they will take in getting to the destination - and back - in one piece. They will not fall back until every member of their team is accounted for and on board.

"What good is a crack trained team of Cobra Eels if you can't count on their driver to get them to the deployment area?"

Just a simple repaint of the Secto Viper to match the colors of the Sepsis. One thing I did discover however, was that as figures of a less than Hasbro quality tend to do under high temperatures, the rim around the figures head warped a little when I dyed the figure, and the helmet barely attached, which is not something I had taken into consideration, so I thought others may want to be aware.

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