Stalin's Wraith
Stalin's Wraith
Stalin's Wraith

Stalin's Wraith
October Guard Corvette

The OG needed a fast attack craft that could keep up with the Cobra Moray yet still pack a punch until the support of the heavy destroyers caught up.

Starting with a Lighting Class Frigate body, shorten to just a little larger than a patrol boat, with the most spartan crew accommodations and all the muscle both in the engines and the firepower, the most noticeable difference is a squared bow, reinforced for both ramming or quick boarding.

Using some heavy guns, on the bow and capable launching six small Lennon class torpedoes in rapid succession (under 50 seconds), coupled with stealth technology, and very shallow take the Wraith lives up to it's name and get really close on an enemy vessel before they are aware.

"Stalin's Wraith strikes fear in the hearts of the pirates in Soviet waters."
~Colonel Brekhov

"It's like a modern Flying Dutchman, seeing it gives me the willies"

I patched the sides of the hull that were cut out and used lego to make the bridge since every bridge I built from scratch looked like crap or was too big for the overall hull length and looked odd.

I really wanted to have some sense of levels and with that comes stairs (kill me), all and all I am 85% happy but will go back and tweak, most likely redo the bridge in out of sheet plastic.

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