Frisky Beaver
Frisky Beaver
Frisky Beaver
Frisky Beaver

Frisky Beaver
Samurai Seductress

Real Name: Anita Trim
Primary Specialty: Bodyguard
Secondary Specialty: Intelligence Operative

The beautiful and deadly Frisky Beaver was once the girlfriend/bodyguard of the dreaded supervillain Dr. Mindbeaver. She once used her shapely curves and deadly blades to enforce his will on his hapless followers and clones.

But while at the evil Doctor's side she found success at martial combat and the arts of seduction, she never found the one thing she had always been seeking - Love.

When she met James Brawl her life changed. She went from the seducer to the seducee and eventually betrayed the Doctor at a critical moment, resulting in the destruction of his evil toxo-lair.

She now uses her feminine whiles and deadly weapons in the service of the Joe team.

I find that there are two types of project in my life right now - the kind that are done right, and the kind that are done on time. This one was done on time.

I ran into a few challenges. First, the random parts were absurd, and everything but the chest lent itself to be some sort of armored female. That was fixed by the Lady Jaye Armor.

The torso didn't work for a girl though, so I trimmed a waist onto her that turned the Shippy shirt into a half shirt. I left the carving lines, and did every smooth surface over with 30 grit sand paper to give it a "hairry" texture. Unfortunately most of this was lost, as I didn't thin the paint properly before I painted it.

I am not particularly satisfied by this one. However I liked the concept, and how it worked for the parts, and how the lipstick went on pretty well.

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