File Name: Leroy, Eugene
Primary Military Specialty: Recruiter
Secondary Military Specialty: Stinger Driver
Birthplace: Selma, AL
Grade: O4 (or equivalent)

Reaper's father was a hard working and honest subsistence farmer in the southern heartland who eventually lost the farm due to defaulting on $114,000 in income taxes. After reading a report from the OMB showing that exactly $114,000 was spent on "the creation of potential alternate designs for business cards" he committed suicide. The incident brought the waste and misplaced priorities of the "Northern Government" into a clear relief for Reaper.

After high school, Reaper came into contact with the little known organization Cobra. He quickly joined, hoping to find others who shared his plight. What he found, however, changed his life. Cobra taught him that the Civil War was about the abuse of power in the federal government. He began wearing confederate flags as a sign of hatred of the Government and began to believe that Cobra could help the South to rise again to reclaim the dignity of the working farmer. He quickly advanced through the Cobra ranks, and soon became an officer. Because of his background, he was chosen to began spreading propaganda and recruiting from the southern states - sowing seeds of change, and reaping the harvest for Cobra.

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