Zombie Sputnik
Zombie Sputnik
Zombie Sputnik

The zombie outbreak spread through the GI Joe convention like wildfire, and in the midst of the chaos, a lowly group gathers around their grand pooba in a secluded passage on the convention center.

Sputnik and Chad_Ghost round the corner, each showing signs of having had a particularly rough morning.

Sputnik: Holy crap, I can't believe what's happening out there!
Chad: Is this all that there is left\? Has anyone seen my brother?

They look around the small group: Beav standing in the midst of the motley crew, consisting of Viperlord, Python Viper, Silent Master, Nova, Jay, Brian Mullholland, a guy wearing a Stormtrooper helmet, Killuminati, Push You Down and Jimmyboy

Viperlord: There's a bunch of other guys in the parking level with Sidewinder, and I think Matt's with them...
Beav: Hawk was here, but he left to go hide behind the JBL barricade on the third floor and Joemichaels went to get me some smoke. Did you guys see anyone else out there?

Sputnik: BadAsh and Bix Tex were with me, but they stopped to get a picture with some zombie hookers... and well you can imagine how that turned out. I ran into Chad on the way down here.
Chad: I was looking for Matt with Hypno Hustler but we got seperated.
Nova: I wonder if there's anything good still on the dealer floor...

Sputnik wipes his forehead wth his forarm. He's got several firearms and a large wrench he picked up on the 'battlefield'.

Beav: How much ammo you got for those?
Sputnik: Not enough. We're gonna have to hit the road soon. It's getting bad out there.

Beav points at a bandage on Sputnik's wrist

Beav: What's that?
Sputnik: Ohm uh... nothing. Just a cut I got earlier
Beav: Were you bitten?!
Spuntik: (stammering)
Jimmyboy squeals like a girl
Beav: You were, weren't you?
Sputnik: Uh... Not really... Er, sort of... yea.
Python VIper: GREAT! When were you going to tell us, LOSER?
Chad: Hey guys, take it easy...
Beav: I've been waiting to do this for a very long time

Beav grabs the tactical shotgun out of Sputniks hands, pumps a round into the chamber and fires into Sputnik's chest. He looks down at the gaping hole in his chest as he drops to the floor.

Beav: Get his gear. We better get going.

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