Filename: St. Patrick, Guthrie

Birthplace: Dublin, Ireland

Primary Military Specialist: Jungle Warfare

Secondary Military Specialist: Dart Throwing

Adder was once the Irish National Dart Throwing Champion. Fearing defeat while defending his title, Adder's opponent was mysteriously murdered with a poison tipped dart. Once the autopsy revealed the poison to be snake venom, Adder became the number one suspect. He knew that his prior convictions of illegal transporting and selling of exotic reptiles would seal the case shut, forcing him to flee to Scotland. When Destro heard news of Adder, he offered him a way out, all but forcing him to be Destro's personal hitman. His venom tipped throwing darts became his calling card, and he eventually impressed Cobra Commander enough to join Cobra. Cobra trained him in jungle warfare, and eventually promoted him to guard duty on Cobra Island.

"You'd think that an Irishman would hate being in the jungle, however Adder seems more at home with his snakes than most Irishmen would be at their corner pub." -Destro

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