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Ash Caesar from
Ash Caesar from

Figure name: Ash Caesar - Movie figure from "Empire of Darkness"

This is meant to be a figure as would be released for the new "Empire of Darkness" movie from the Evil Dead series.
From IMDB: Empire of Darkness (2009) In this sequel to the Evil Dead series film "Army of Darkness", Ash has recovered from his time travel adventure and made a life for himself in the modern world. Having his hand replaced by a slick multi-featured computerized hand, finding the girl of his dreams, and promoted to the Manager of S-Mart's "health and home" department, Ash settles down to a life of domestic bliss.

However it's not meant to last - In Ancient Rome, the Gauls have gotten their hands on the book of the dead, and are creating an undead army to attack and finally defeat the Roman Empire. Roman Sages conduct a black ceremony to conjure a protector from the undead, and Ash is pulled from the suburbs into a world of ancient glory. He fights his way through gladiatorial combat (using a few modern tricks like the chainsaw and boomstick) and establishes himself as Rome's best hope against the undead army.

Unfortunately, when he screws up and accidentally kills the reigning Caesar that supports him, he is forced to lead Rome into the blackest most dangerous war the republic has ever faced. What follows is a thrilling, yet tongue-in-cheek battle between Ash's 20th Century tactics and the minions of darkness.

In the fourth film of "The Evil Dead" series, our gun-toting, chainsaw-handed hero, Ash (once again played by the master of melodramatic pseudo-horror Bruce Campbell), has been transported to the past to save an unwitting civilization from an onslaught of undead warriors. Sam Raimi coming off his blockbuster successes in Spiderman and Spiderman 2 has amassed a blockbuster budget to take his original "labor of love" cult classic to the big screen in a summer adventure film set to be released in 2009 (project originally called Evil Dead 2009) Raimi in recent interviews has guaranteed "More over the top effects, and cooler undead than ever seen before on screen! We have the technology, and there aren't any limits now. You're going to see things we've never been able to do before!" In the genre of successes like Gladiator, The 300 and the series Rome, it wasn't difficult for him to get support in tackling this area of history. The movie is currently in production.

Unfortunately, all of the above is crap that I made up, but wouldn't it be cool if it wasn't?

This custom was inspired by the fact that the head looked a little like Ash, and that I met Bad Ash, and he was wearing a blue "Ash" shirt and jeans. That and I drew a gun and a chainsaw as accessories. How could I go wrong? Originally I was going to go with a Japanese direction, but I thought that Ash would have more fun in Rome. He's a guy in a normal outfit, wearing imperial armor. Only Ash could get away with that. Hail Caesar baby.

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