After the G.I. Joe team's disbandment in 2004, Stuart Selkirk, codenamed Outback, became an internet celebrity after releasing a series of podcasts simply known as S.U.R.V.I.V.A.L. In the wake of nuclear war, Martial Law, and terrorism, Selkirk's words kickstarted a survivalist movement. Many of his followers, self-proclaimed "Outbackers," began gathering supplies and exchanging their paper money into gold. They bought parcels of land in the Cumberland Plateau and became masters of farming, hunting, and fishing while teaching their children to do the same.

The Outbacker's grew at alarming rates until Martial Law was lifted in 2013. For the next 50 years, most abandoned their survivalist ambitions. After the earthquake of 2059, many moved from the East Coast to the thriving Midwest. However, a small group of Outbackers from Pennsylvania chose to relocate to the Cumberland Gap, into the land their grandparents had earlier purchased.

The families named their new settlement "New Boonesborough", after the Pennsylvanian born Pioneer who blazed the trail through the Cumberland Gap. New Boonesborough established their own laws and doctrines, but feared that as their children grew, they would question their way of life. The elders fabricated myths and legends about the land outlying the settlement, claiming that serpent monsters roamed the land and that New Boonesborough had a treaty to not cross into the serpent's land.

Each family constructed modest, log cabin homes built on top of secret underground bunkers containing modern provisions and gold. The goal was to stay off the grid while still providing necessities for long term survival.

Each year, men from New Boonesborough would travel to the Midwest and to the Free World to purchase supplies. However the earthquake of 2086 made it impossible to travel through the Badlands to the Free World, requiring all their supplies to come from the Midwest. As the Cobra Organization gained power and influence, it became increasingly difficult for New Boonesborough to purchase provisions for the settlement.

The next 125 years proved difficult for the people of New Boonesborough. As the elders passed, so did their knowledge of the outside world. The once plentiful stockpiles of food, medicine, and gold were dwindling as the Cobra Organization began tightening its grip on the world. By the time Cobra took control of the Eastern North America, the people of New Boonesborough were living much like the man which they were named.

After the Cobra Organization takeover of the Eastern U.S., they began a Romanesque census of their territory in order to tax those living on Cobras property. By 2215, Cobra had discovered the settlement of New Boonesborough, demanding the payment of taxes. The Cobra forces were a technological marvel, but were ill prepared for battle against New Boonesborough's traditional weaponry of spears, bow and arrows, and gun powder explosives. The people believed that the Serpent monster's had broken their treaty, and showed no mercy on the opposing force.

Cobra's next visit wasn't pretty. They brought in the High Speed Sentry division and demanded taxes from the people. New Boonesborough refused, and Cobra decimated the settlement. Two of the few survivors were Danakas Boone and Reba Goins Boone. Their children were killed in the attack and they managed to escape with a backpack and a few weapons. Boone and Lady Goins fled to the nearby Cudjo's Caves, where they stayed for several months. The couple used traditional camouflaging methods, alongside more advanced methods such as using lead (melted down ammunition) to shield their steel items from x-ray scanners and mud to conceal their heat signatures. Even though they did not understand the science behind this, they were taught these methods as children to conceal themselves from the mythical Serpent monsters.

The couple, along with their coyote Tala, made their way south, following old railways and, eventually, abandoned Highway 25E. There they found a near mile long tunnel under the mountain. A marvel unlike anything they had ever encountered. They set up camp inside, but were awoken by a blue light in the center of the tunnel. As they followed, more lights appeared, leading them through a maze of passages deep inside the mountain.

After what seemed like hours, Boone and Lady Goins entered a large, open room illuminated by a blue glow. A large screen flashed on and displayed:
File Name: Parker, Blaine L.
Grade: E-5
Birthplace: Phoenix, Arizona
Primary Specialty: Computer Technology
Secondary Specialty: Infantry

Logging in...

Pictures of soldiers appeared on the screen. KIA flashed on each face before proceeding to the next.

Boone and Lady Goins were terrified. The only time they'd seen technology like this was when Cobra destroyed their village. From the darkness, a strange voice spoke, "Do not be afraid," and a blue glowing figure appeared to them. Boone asked if he was an angel. The voice replied, "I am Blaine, but you can call me Mainframe." Over time, Mainframe explained the events of the last 225 years.

In the early 2000s, the G.I. Joe began building a new PIT in the annals of the Cumberland Mountain, a la Cheyenne Mountain and Raven Rock Complexes. Using a reverse engineered Brainwave Scanner, Mainframe extracted and uploaded his consciousness to his portable computer as a fail safe. From deep within the mountain, he monitored the last G.I. Joe team that fell at the hands of Lincoln Hawk, but without a body, was unable to interfere.

Mainframe informed them of a new batch of Freedom Fighters led by Dane McCullen, who was leading a new G.I.Joe team against the evil Cobra Organization, determined that they would not rule the world. He sent Lady Goins and Tala West to find Dane while he and Boone would head South in search of another ally, a name from the distance past who could help in the fight and also give Mainframe something he's been missing for over 200 years.

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